Legal Services

Family Based Immigration:
U.S. Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents can petition for certain relatives to immigrate to the U.S. and obtain Lawful Permanent Resident status. The process varies depending on many factors, including but not limited to, the status of the petitioner, the relationship, the country of origin, whether the beneficiary is inside the U.S. or abroad, etc. Additionally, one must always remember each case is unique in its set of facts, such that no two cases are identical. We are set up to help families navigate this complicated system successfully and achieve the benefits pursued. We have considerable experience in complicated cases, including those that need waivers of inadmissibility.

Employment Based Immigration:
Employers often need specific workers that are non-citizens. The law provides many avenues for businesses, institutions, churches and other enterprises to bring in those workers. Not every case is the same, and many times there are different paths to obtain the right person to fill the vacant position. Whether you are a small or medium size business, a church, a school, or any other type of employer we can help you find the best alternative that suits your needs.

The ultimate step in the immigration ladder is the achievement of citizenship in the U.S., and qualified Lawful Permanent Residents can apply for it. The application process may appear deceptively easy, but the reality is that it is heavy with many hidden pitfalls. We encourage you to avoid unpleasant and potentially damaging surprises by seeking legal assistance that tailors to your unique situation, and evaluates all the potential variables and scenarios. In some cases, individuals can acquire or derive citizenship from their parents. This can be a complex process, but with the right help it can be successfully navigated and achieved.

Humanitarian Relief:
This broad umbrella covers a multitude of benefits and options for non-citizens. Special Immigrant Juvenile Status is a benefit available to non-citizen children who have suffered abandonment, abuse, or neglect. This is one of the many alternatives available to very vulnerable populations. Humanitarian relief covers the spectrum ranging from asylum seekers to DACA applicants. Furthermore, it envelopes people from countries with Temporary Protected Status designation to victims of domestic violence and other violent crimes. These and many more alternatives can be available to eligible individuals.

Family Court Representation:
If you are seeking to obtain a court order to protect yourself or your family then there may be options for you. If you find yourself in an abusive or violent relationship and want to know how it could affect your immigration status then we may be able to assist. We handle selective family court cases in both Tarrant and Dallas Counties.

Removal Defense:
Studies have shown that the odds of winning your case in immigration court are over five and half times better when you have legal representation. Immigration law is widely acknowledged to be one of the most complex legal systems of the country. No one should go unrepresented in front of an Immigration Judge. Whether you are in ICE custody or non-detained, we offer representation to defend our clients against deportation.

Miscellaneous Services:
Have immigration documents that need to be renewed? Perhaps you are here on a work-related visa and need to consult with an attorney who doesn’t represent your employer? You have questions and need to speak with an attorney who will have your best interest at heart? Maybe you are an international student with questions? Whatever the reason might be, we welcome you to schedule a consultation to visit with our attorney and receive sincere guidance and professional advice.